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Our Menu.

at Our Restaurant in the Perivolos beach, Santorini You can choose fresh Seafood or Grilled Meat and many other well-cooked dishes of your choice!
Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant in Santorini
Gluten & Vegetarian Free Menu also
Gluten Free Restaurant Santorini

Best Restaurant Service on the Beach

Loved by Thousands Visitors of Santorini
Looking for the Fish of the day?
Just ask for this.
We’re so lucky our long-standing Local Fishermen partners offer us the freshest catch from the clear waters of the Aegean sea, and we love to cook it special and fresh just for you in our Restaurant in Santorini.

Fried calamari

with Greek Salad

& Santorini Wine or Cold Beer

Grilled Fish

Fresh SeaFood

Enjoy Your Food next to the Sea

Meat dish (BBQ)


Fresh local Greek tastes

Fresh local Greek tastes of Meat in BBQ

Lobster Spaghetti

Fresh Salad

& Local Greek Wines

Lobster Spaghetti Santorini

Fresh salads

Greek and More

Enjoy the Greek Sun and the perfect Tastes

Enjoy the greek Sun and the perfect Tastes

Best Pasta & Risotto

Marinara or Seafood risotto

choosing the right ingredients for the best taste

Pasta & risotto


• Season’s greens or Vegetables
• Traditional potato salad
• Greek salad
(feta, tomato, cucumber onion, pepper, capers, olives, oregano)
• Santorini salad
(Santorini tomato, Santorini cucumber, onion,
pepper, capers, caper leaves, olives, chloro cheese, rusks)
• Traditional Dakos (rusk, feta, tomato, olives, caper, ouzo, oregano)
• Lettuce salad
• Tomato and cucumber salad
(cucumber, tomato, pepper, olives)
• Perivolos Salad
(rocket, mixed vegetables, graviera cheese, rusk, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, boiled potatoes, vinaigrette dressing)

Cold starters

  • Bread
  • Spicy cheese salad
  • Tzatziki
  • Taramasalata (fish-roe dip)
  • Olives
  • Aubergine salad
  • Greek feta cheese
  • Santorini chloro cheese
  • Marinated anchovies fish
  • Garlic dip
  • Octopus in vinegar
  • Dolmadakia [Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs]

Hot starters

  • Fried catamari
  • Gritted octopus
  • Santorini Fava (yellow split peas with capers and onion)
  • Tomato croquettes
  • Fried aubergines
  • Santorini courgettes (with tzatziki)
  • Roast vegetables (with chloro goat’s cheese & cream)
  • Buyurdi (feta cheese, tomato, spicy pepper)
  • Prawns saganaki (cooked in a pan)
  • Mussels saganaki
  • Mussels risotto
  • Steamed mussels
  • Cheese saganaki (hot)
  • Freshly fried chips
  • Santorini sausage (country style)



• Grilled prawns per portion/ 1 kg
• Greek fisherman’s soup (kakavia) per portion/portions
• Mix fish grilled
(fish of the day, calamari, mussels, shrimps, octopus)
• Mix fish fried
(small fishes, calamari, mussels, shrimps, octopus)
• Roasted sardines
• Roasted octopus
• Roasted calamari
• Cod with a garlic sauce
• Fried red mullet per portion
• Pagrus (Fagri)
• Scorpion fish
• Cod
• Santorini lobster (Local)

Greek cuisine

• Moussakas
• Stuffed tomatoes and peppers
• Pastitsio
• Roast chicken
• Veal in a tomato sauce – chips or with spaghetti
• CuttleFish with spinach
• Meat balls with fresh chips
• Vegetables with orzo
• Spaghetti Bolognese

Pasta & Risotto

Prawn spaghetti
(tomato sauce, quenched with ouzo)
• Marinara
(sauteed shellfish with garlic, quenched with
Santorini white wine, fresh tomatoes and basil)
• Risotto with prawns
(tomato sauce, quenched with ouzo)
• Seafood risotto
(sauteed shellfish with garlic, quenched
with Santorini white wine, fresh tomato and basil)
• Spaghetti with lobster (350-400 gr)
• Seafood casserole
(sauteed shellfish with garlic, quenched with white wine)
• Shrimps orzo risotto
(tomato sauce, quenched with ouzo)

Meat dish


o Lamb chops per portion
o Milk veal steak
o Pork steak
o Pancetta
o Chicken souvlaki
o Chicken fillet
o Beef burger plain
o Beef burger filled with feta
o Country-style sausage
o Mixed grill
(lamb chop, beef burger, chicken fillet, sausage, pancetta)

                    All our meat dishes are served with fresh chips and salad

• Volkan Santorini 330ml
• Amstel 500ml
• Heineken 500ml
• Mythos 500ml
• Alfa 500ml
• Alfa alcohol free 500ml
• Fix 500ml
• Draught 500ml / 300ml

Soft drinks
Coca cola, Sprite, Fanta, Lemonade 250ml
Soda, Tonic water 250ml
Mineral water 1L
Sparkling water 750ml


White wine
• Santorini Aidani 750ml
• Argyros Aidani 750ml
• Santorini Nikteri 750ml
• Sigalas Oia 750ml
• Asyrtiko Santorini 750ml
• Posta Gavala 750 ml
• Atlantis 750ml
• Atlantis 375ml
• Carafe 500ml / 1kg
Rose wine
• Santorini Ageri 375ml
• Santorini Ageri 750ml
• Voudomato Gavala 750ml
• Carafe 500ml 1kg
Red wine
• Xenoloo Gavala 750ml
• Mavrotragano MM 750ml
• Mavrotragano Gavala 750ml
• Atlantis 750ml
• Atlantis 375ml
• Carafe 500ml / 1 kg
• Vinsanto Carafe 500ml
• Vinsanto Glass
Proseco Gancia 200rnl/ 750ml
Shampagne Moet 350ml / 750ml

Desserts - Coffee

• Baklavas with ice cream
• Kataifi with ice cream
• Galaktoboureko with ice cream
• Yogurt with fruits
• Yogurt with honey
• Yogurt with honey and walnuts
• Fruit salad


• Frape with ice cream (iced coffee with ice cream)
• Nescafe
• Greek coffee
• Freddo espresso
• Freddo cappuccino
• Espresso
• Capuccino
• Latte

• Ouzo
• Tsipouro
• Raki

Market Inspection Representative : E.Nona

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